Hello--it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to introduce myself to you! My name is Mitch Warnick and I am obsessed with photographing memories and experiences in the wilderness. There was no primary ‘ah-ha’ moment that catalyzed my interest and passion for photography, per se. One day I picked up my parents’ old Pentax SLR and quite literally felt the power—the way a journalist may feel holding a pen, or a chef with a sharpened knife. You get the idea. From that moment on, my camera has been my most valuable tool in communication and storytelling--I see the world through this lens (see what I did there?).

So, a little background...as I look back on my childhood growing up in the Southeast, I see countless campsites, national parks, national forests, wilderness areas, and a mental slideshow of the diverse natural beauty our world has to offer. Beyond local weekend hikes and countless backpacking trips, my family embarked on multiple multi-week road trips throughout the deserts of the Southwest, the high peaks of the central Rockies, and the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Experiencing these places in this way was more life-shaping rather than life-changing. As I matured, so did my appreciation for the stunning beauty and diversity of the natural world. I became dedicated to the Earth in a variety of ways--first, I decided to pursue a degree in geology in order to simply better understand the Earth we all share and rely on. Then, I earned a Master in Environmental Management to better understand the nuances and intersectionality of environmentalism in a pragmatic and philosophical context. All the while, I stayed true to my photographic vision and constantly pushed my creative interpretation of the wild and the stories it holds.

No matter the context, my expertise and passion truly is documenting experiences in the wild through breathtaking and awe-inspiring imagery. My soul is in the wild and my art is born there. My name is Mitch Warnick and I love the wild. You know what, though? I have a feeling you do too.

Find out more about my adventure engagement & elopement work, brand development services, and print sales here!

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